All about Harry

The sequel to much-loved novel Take Me Out by Moira Eve, a story about tragedy, family and fighting spirit.

‘A battle of wits, expertise and skill’

Laurence Burr OBE

– The Sword Magazine

‘Take Me Out fights for your attention from the get go’

Bryony Cozens

‘A lovely surprise twist at the end...’

June G

‘It's filled with suspense and mystery with many unexpected twists and turns. The character's each seem to have a hidden past.’

Sue B

– UK

‘The mystery genre has been a favourite for readers since its inception and has accumulated fans worldwide. A well-paced plot, unexpected twists and turns and the feeling of thrill that the plot invokes are what make up a good mystery novel. And I gladly proclaim ‘All About Harry’ by the author, Moira Eve, to be one of the finest examples of the genre’

Emilee J

– USA editorial review



Harry, now a wealthy man since inheriting the family fortune, follows in his grandmother’s footsteps, only to discover a web of deceit and lies undermining his own birthright.

Suspicions in the family question Harry’s motives. Will Harry regain his fighting spirit?


About the Author

Moira Eve was born and lived in Essex for many years. She was the founder and owner of Finesse Model & Promotion Agency. Her role for twenty years. During this time, she wrote numerous articles for magazines. ‘All About Harry’ is the sequel to ‘Take Me Out’. 

She lives in Somerset with a cat called Shackleton named after the famous explorer.


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Take Me Out

Follow the story of the Haworth family from ‘Take Me Out’ to ‘All About Harry’. A spiritually moving story of birth, death, love and crime.

Take me out book cover

‘Take me out is an enlightened read, it really gives you an insight into the characters life and feelings during their journey’

Michelle Punt

‘The story line draws you in from the first page and keeps you hooked as events unfold. Loved all the characters’


‘The main character Olivia is a woman with a fascinating history, a strong family woman and such a sweetheart. Spiritual.’

Sue Barton

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Published: 1st July 2022

Paperback / 288 Pages

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